Stop re-reading your notes

Dear random student of the internet,

Math is simply not the kind of subject where you don’t practice and get away with it.

If you are headed towards your exams, now is not the time to keep re-reading your notes. You need to practice questions. Too many of my students fell into this trap, allocating too much time re-reading and too little practicing, which may sound strange but is actually rather common.

If you fear having knowledge gaps, then you can make a quick reference to your notes when you face difficulty doing questions, but only after first attempting the question. A consolidated mind-map/ summary booklet will aid you greatly in saving time, rather than flipping through the swamp of pages in your school notes. Does it sound like quality practice if you spend more than half the time searching through your notes?

I have made a condensed summary booklet for all my students to make quick reference to H2 math concepts while they practice their math questions, where the focus is on Practicing and not waste time digging through their notes.

You can make yours too. So, how should an effective summary booklet look like?

It contains all the key ideas from your school notes explained simply, organised into respective topics/ subtopics. If you can explain a concept simply, without losing its essence, you have just condensed the concept for yourself. Compile them together, and you get a summary booklet. You know it is condensed, rather than copy-and-pasted, when you compare it to your original school notes, and it looks like this:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png

Of course, it takes time, which is why I do it on my students’ behalf, to save them time. But, it is only exclusive to my students.

If you are wondering whether you can get a copy of my booklet, do note that it is not for direct sale; only for those who arrange a lesson with me will get it. This is because any material is only as useful as how the student uses it, and I need to teach you how to do so, not just hand you the booklet and wish you all the best. (If I do, you’ll just be paying money with little to no results, and that would be a waste). If this interests you, contact me @93821930 today.

Hear what other students say about my service:

Otherwise, I wish you a fruitful day ahead. Remember, cut down time re-reading your notes and start practicing!

Wishing you all the best,

Mr. Pang.

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