Stop procrastinating

“Okay mind, you be focused now. Exams are around the corner, and you need to start working. We will dedicate the whole day to studying, so that our results won’t be poor. Never mind yesterday. Today we will be productive. ”

This was what I kept telling myself in my days in JC. But guess what? I would find myself saying the same thing day after day, and no progress. Take out my notes, open a practice paper, stare at the questions, and my eyes would almost immediately tear up. No, it’s not sad tears. Rather, as if someone grinded sleeping pills into the worksheet and induced me into a state of drowsiness the moment I opened it. “Never mind, just watch one YouTube video. We’ll get back to this.” We all know painfully well how the story goes…

If this is something you face on a daily basis, I urge you to read on…

Understand that procrastination is something that happens to virtually everyone. Yes, even lawyers, doctors, and professors. Of course, they have tight deadlines and higher authorities who monitor them to ensure that procrastination does not go out of hand. It is natural to feel a sense of dread or high inertia to do work, but the key is what system you have in place to enforce productivity.

“Oh, never mind, what’s wrong with going freestyle?” Hey, it is your life, your exam, your choice. But many of my past students fell prey to procrastination, and worse, delusion that they were being productive during their self-study sessions. In the end, their results spoke for themselves, and it was a rude shock.

How to know that you are on the right track in your revision?


  1. Do PYP under timed conditions, mark, and see your grade. If you’re a student of mine, apply our system here.
  2. Do an hourly logging of what you spend your time on.
  3. Do a daily review of your accomplishment

When you start measuring your progress, you gain an acute awareness of how your time spent studying is contributing to your final exam preparations. There is no room for debate whether you have been productive if you spent 5 hours a day on distractions like YouTube, Instagram, etc. This is time that you are allowing to be taken away from more important endeavors such as revision, and it will hurt your chances of doing well. From there, you will know how to react according.

The question is, will you have the discipline to enforce this? That depends on you, and how badly you want to do well for your exams.

If you need a study-coach to keep you in check and ensure you are doing proper revision for your exams, a teacher to clear all your misconceptions and knowledge gaps in mathematics, or an adviser to give you strategies to optimize your exam performance, please contact me @93821930.

Otherwise, it is time to close this page, and get back to your revision. I wish you a productive and fruitful day.

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