Track Record & Testimonials

Welcome to my testimonial page..

This is where I share the journeys that my students have walked with me..

I am very proud of my students, and hold their testimonials dearly..

I hope their stories speak to you in one way or another..


“My name is Chong Le Yong and i was in Nanyang Junior College. I scored an A for math in the Alvls. Being a DSA student in NYJC, i was initially struggling alot in coping on my results, particularly on math. Even though math was one of my strongest subjects in secondary school, i was unable to grasp many concepts in JC, thus i got U grade in math during my mid year exams. I knew i needed some help in math, and hence i decided to get help from Mr Pang. With the remaining 4 months left to promos, Mr Pang helped me greatly. He cleared many misconceptions and taught me the various ways to tackle a problem. Through his help, i was able to improve to an A during my promos. Since then, the many fun and enriching tuition sessions allowed me to view math in a different light, as he constantly applies different math concepts to real life applications, allowing me to understand the importance and significance of math. His teaching has not only allowed me to improve my grades in math but he has also allowed me to understand the significance of math to our live. I am really grateful to have a teacher like him.” -J2H2 student, NYJC (2020)

“i joined mr pang’s lessons when there was only about 4 months left to the first math A Levels Paper. I was struggling in school, hovering over U and S grades. However, things started to change as i attended more and more of his lessons. What i liked most about our lessons was that he was able to adjust & cater to my learning style, which was to be engaging and not boring. 4 Months and my grade jumped from U to C, i’m 100% sure it could’ve been better if i had enrolled with him earlier, but to see such an improvement in a short timeframe was satisfying too. Oh and not to mention the life lessons he teaches, which we can bring along with ourselves outside of A levels. I’m sure no one would regret joining his programme 💯” – J2H2 student, NYJC (2020)

“Thank you Mr Pang. I am thankful to know you! You have changed my mindset towards math by telling me all the application of math in real world, which makes math more sense to me now! I really enjoy the lessons with you.” -J2H2 student, ACJC (2019)

“Mr Pang was a meticulous and caring maths tutor. Although we only began lessons with him in the last few months towards A levels, he managed to improve my results in maths by 4 grades. Even when we were seemingly rushed for time, he did not skimp on the skills he had to teach and taught us thinking techniques that have versatile use on other problem-solving issues. It was a pleasure being his student yet a pity that he did not teach us earlier.” -J2H2 student, ACJC (2019)

“Mr Pang, you won’t believe it cherrrr! I SOMEHOW GOT AN A, I DON’T EVEN BELIEVE IT” -J1H2 student, NYJC (2019)

“Thanks Mr Pang I got A for A-levels H2 Maths!” -J2H2 student, ACJC (2020)

“A kind, understanding, and engaging tutor. There were concepts that I was initially unclear of. Through his lessons, I gained clarity of the topics and started to see the big picture of what I was learning (he even shared about the concepts from a university level, which I found very insightful). I went from an S at the start of the year to a B for mid terms.” -J1H2 student, Hwa Chong (2018)

“I actually told him at the start of the year, teaching me maths will be the hardest thing he will ever do. I really CMI for maths all my life. I cannot believe it when I passed my mid terms, and got an “A” for my class test. Now I believe A levels got chance” – J1H1 student, JPJC (2019)

“thank you Mr Pang for your time, i certainly was enriched and gained a new insight to math through your lessons! ur method was very helpful!” -J1H2 student, Hwa Chong (2020)

“Thank you Mr Pang for being such a patient and understanding teacher. The skills that you have taught me during lessons made me understood math better as well as to allow me to grasp concepts more easily! Thank you for constantly motivating us to do well for math as well!” -J2H2 student, ACJC (2019)

“Mr. Pang is a patient and passionate tutor who has guided me throughout my H1 math journey and made learning math so much more enjoyable. In the beginning, I was unable to comprehend the tutorials in school and felt like doing math was always a dreaded chore. However under his guidance, I started to develop a deeper fascination for the subject itself and realized how much more interesting Math was. I am very grateful to Mr. Pang for going the extra mile to share his own special tips and formulas as well as making sure lessons were never boring.” -NJC J2H1 student (2017)

“We really appreciated his help for teaching both of our children. Especially my daughter, she lacks confidence especially in maths. Over time, I saw them gain confidence and their grades improved. Mr Pang even provided help to give some career advice to them. They seem alot more motivated now.” -Parent of two J1H2 students (EJC, MJC) (2018)

“His lessons were not textbook or notes driven, but used real world applications to explain ideas. I honestly hated math and struggled alot, but through the lessons have  gained a better understanding and appreciation on the subject. I managed to get a C in A levels, which was a big improvement from the grade I kept scoring in JC (U).”   -IJC J2H1 student (2017)

My personal advice to students:

STOP Exam Anxiety

Stop re-reading your notes

Stop procrastinating

In-depth stories from past students:

Jia Jun, J2H2 EJC, 2019: The boy who went from S to B for A-levels in 4 weeks..

This student came to me 1 month before A levels.. Said he scored S for prelims, and has been scoring S since the start of JC.. 

I asked if he was willing to undergo hardwork and sacrifice, but in exchange, make an improvement in his grades. He told me, without hesitation, that he would do whatever it takes to improve. He wanted to get into accountancy in NTU, and could not afford to score a poor grade for maths.. Especially maths.. He told me, “Mr Pang, you tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. No excuses.”

I was won over by this student’s resolve, and imparted my teachings to him.

4 powerful lessons later.. 

The student sat for the A levels H2 Maths paper.. 

He scored a B..

And he got into the university course that he wanted.. 

We celebrated his success, and I asked him how he felt about this journey..

I was amazed at his response:

“Of course I’m very happy with my results Mr Pang! But actually, I feel more proud about myself. When you first mentioned your intensive program, I did not think I would survive it. But when I saw that I conquered it, I realised I was tougher than I thought. Felt pretty awesome… Now I have a reason to believe in myself more”

I believe that this student walked away with more than just math skills and a university placing of his choice.. 

It was a pleasure walking this journey with him.. 

I know he will accomplish great things one day.. 

Jia Jun’s testimonial

Edit: Jia Jun’s younger brother went from D7 to A1.. (Hwa Chong, 2020)

Mum notes:


Selina, J2H1,  JPJC (2019-2020): The girl who thought she was a lousy math student..

This student’s mum engaged my services to help her daughter “survive” JC mathematics (H1). 

Selina scored a C5 for O-levels E-maths, and had no A-maths background..

Selina wanted to enter NUS translation major, and had a rude shock to find out that it required H1 mathematics in JC.. at least a pass in H1 maths.. That was her goal at the start of our journey.. 

In my time as Selina’s teacher, I discovered these problems:

  • She believed she was a lousy math student (self-degradation)
  • She wasn’t very motivated to practice math in her own time
  • She was really traumatised by math, described it as a “monster”
  • Needs to be taught the concept several times before understanding it

I also discovered these traits:

  • She is witty, thinks fast on her feet when it comes to banter
  • Has strong common sense and is logical
  • Not afraid to ask questions and challenge the answer key when it does not seem right
  • Has discipline when she chooses to: one day she decided to become fit and went through a 6 months regime of exercise and diet.. She got herself the results she wanted, and she did it all on her own..
  • She would rather understand concepts than memorize blindly.. Which is why she kept asking me to re-teach the topics until she can grasp it fully

Put these traits together, and I doubted that Selina was the “lousy math student” like she claimed.. 

My goal was not only to help Selina understand math..

It was to understand that she’s better than she thinks she is..

Fast forward a year later.. 

Selina was promoted at the end of J1, and was steadily improving in J2..

Selina started teaching her classmates about math..

She even started correcting her classmates who understood the concepts wrongly, and debated with them..

Those who doubted her scored the questions wrong in the exam.. 

During teacher’s day, I got this card from her.. 

That’s nice of her..

One day, Selina asked me: “Mr Pang, can we have more lessons?”

I asked her why, since she was doing well, and can definitely reach her goal for the A-levels, which was a pass in H1 maths.

“Erm.. I think we can change that goal. Let’s go for an A” – Selina. 

I was very happy for my student.. 

Showed me that she was changing her belief in herself and now has the courage to push for excellence, not for the sake of grades, but as a statement of her ability and character. 

As I am writing this, Selina has just sat for her A-levels..

We will await her results with much anticipation..

Edit: Selina scored B for A-levels. We are very proud of her achievement.


Ethan, J1H2, HCI (2020): Flunking student promoted after 2 lessons.. 

This student came to me 1 month before his J1 promos in 2020.. He has not been scoring well (U) and found it hard to understand the concepts.. Now he was concerned that he may flunk the H2 math promos and be unable to promote to J2.. He accepted the fact that time was tight, and just wanted to do well enough to promote.. 

We had 2 intensive lessons together, where I gave him a full crash course on the topics for the exams, and some tricks from my arsenal to help him..

Ethan learnt well.. 

We were rooting for Ethan..

Not long after, Ethan came back to me telling me he was promoted.. 

His mum even commented that her son seems to have regained hope for H2 maths.. 

Some background info: My instruction to Ethan was to practice the promos revision package given by his school to prepare for the exam..

This means he could have scored even higher for his H2 maths promos paper, if not for time constraints.. 

Nonetheless, Ethan’s result is a cause for celebration..

We are very glad for him.. 

We hope that this mini-victory today will spur him to achieve greater results for A-levels..

P.S. Since this experience, Ethan has decided to begin preparation for A-levels early.. This time, not leaving it till the last minute..

We support his decision.. His journey will be less stressful and the learning more enjoyable this way..


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