Congratulations to Mr Pang’s students!

% A/B
% A or 4 grade improved
Ave Grades Improved

A-levels 2020 Batch

Dear Students,


For those who are looking to make serious improvements in their JC maths grades, please read on…


Mr Pang helps his students achieve “quantum leaps” (a term used by some of the parents) in their studies. 

In 2021 alone, 87.5% of his J2H2 students scored A/B for A-levels. 100% scored an A or improved at least 4 grades. Mr Pang’s students improved an average of 4.63 grades for A-levels. 


It doesn’t matter where you are, what grade you’re scoring, or how unconfident you feel about maths. Mr Pang can turn it around. (One student even challenged Mr Pang saying he’ll have a hard time changing her grades, because she Hated maths. She scored a B for A-levels.) 


Who is Mr Pang?

Mr Pang is a graduate from NUS with a degree in Mathematics. He scored “A” for A-levels H2 maths back in the days.

That means he has spent years eating, breathing, and living mathematics.


Mr Pang is a full-time maths tutor, and head tutor at a tuition centre in Bukit Timah shopping centre. 

That means these days, he spends his time eating, breathing, and living ways to help his students improve and score for A-levels.

As a mathematician, Mr Pang believes there is a formula for doing well in the exams. 

Many of his students tell him that they struggle with maths for a long time, even after consultations with their school teachers, and even with tuition outside. 

After much struggle, they eventually become demoralised and “numb” to the subject.

Mr Pang finds this ridiculous.


If so many students struggle to this extent, then it must mean either nobody knows the formula to improve, or nobody is applying it correctly. 

Mr Pang conducted his own research into this problem, an ongoing study for the past 5 years.

He has gained a number of insights which he incorporates into his lessons.

As a result, his students were able to make a breakthrough in their studies.


Some noteworthy mentions:

EJC J2H2 student went from S to B in 1 month (2019), then 2 more EJC students and 1 HCI student did the same (2020)

ACJC J2H2 student went from U at the start of the year to A for A-levels (2020)

NYJC J2H2 student went from U before J1 prelims to A for promos and A for A-levels (2020)


How students feel:

“Mr Pang, you won’t believe it cherrrr! I SOMEHOW GOT AN A, I DON’T EVEN BELIEVE IT” -J1H2 student, NYJC (2019)

“Thanks Mr Pang I got A for A-levels H2 Maths!” -J2H2 student, ACJC (2020)

“I scored a B, thank you Mr Pang:) Would have preferred an A, but it’s much better than when we first started (S). Thank you very much for the guidance!” -J2H2 student, RJC (2020)

“Good evening Mr Pang, THANK YOU for helping me get the grade to promote!” – J1H2 student, HCI (2020)


And many more..


Mr Pang sees lessons as a partnership between teacher and student.

It is not a one-way street, and no improvement can happen if the student is not willing to commit.

No, not even the best teacher in the world can teach a student who doesn’t want to be taught.

But students who feel that their current performance is unacceptable, and they will do what it takes to improve, they just need the right guidance and the right strategy, they are students that Mr Pang can help greatly.

He will give you his diagnosis on why you’re scoring the grade you’re scoring, clear instructions on what to do to improve, and avail his catalogue of resources and insights to you.

Mr Pang is confident that he can help you attain your “quantum leap” for JC maths.


What others have to say about Mr Pang:

If you are interested, 

Mr Pang requires a trial session with you before proceeding with any partnership. This is for him to assess the situation better, and to advise an arrangement for your situation thereafter. Both you and Mr Pang will also get a better feel of who you’ll be working with, and clarify any questions or details if we decide to form a partnership.  We will be doing this over zoom, or at Mr Pang’s centre in bukit timah centre if you prefer (2min from beauty world MRT). 

This trial session is no-charge, and non-committal. It will last around 30min.

After the session, Mr Pang will take the time to diagnose the problem and see if a partnership is a good fit between teacher and student.

If so, we will finalise the partnership details and commence lessons.


What is required for this trial sesion:

  1. Bring along any JC math questions that you struggle with in school
  2. Before the session, send in a scanned copy of your most recent school test to: +65 93821930. This is for a preliminary diagnosis.


If you are interested to proceed, book a slot with Mr Pang here: 

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